Maine Farriers Association - Dedicated to continuing education and professional collaboration for farriers in Maine.
Welcome to the Maine Farriers Association!

MFA is a growing community of farriers, trimmers and veterinarians dedicated to providing continuing education opportunities for professional hoof care providers in Maine and New England.  Everyone is welcome to participate- we learn from one another!  Visit the "About Us" page to learn more.

Who should use this website?

Maine farriers seeking a professional network where they can learn and share experiences

Horse owners and trainers seeking a reliable source for hoof care expertise.

MFA members wanting up-to-date information on educational events and farrier resources.

Webinar Reminder- toinght, July 8th at 8pm ET!  Brent Brown presents "When Nailing is Questionable", a presentation on glue-on shoe application.  Visit Upcoming Events page to learn more.

Special thanks to our 2014 donors!
Deb Hight, clinic participant
Horseshoes Plus
Cloverfield Vet and Denise McNitt, DVM
Clarke MacDonald

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